The Eco-Challenge 2023: Sustainability Awards

The Eco-Challenge is a special category on sustainability, part of the Program Talent and Innovation Competitions of the Americas (TIC Americas). Since its creation in 2009, the Eco Challenge has supported more than 28,700 young people from 34 countries who have developed over 22,832 innovative solutions addressing specific priorities and challenges of our region, with the objective to positively impact our planet and the people.

Among the several priorities on which the Eco-Challenge has been focused on, it’s important to highlight the following ones:

  • Water Conservation

  • Sustainable Agriculture 

  • Food Nutrition 

  • Plastic Circular Economy 

  • Women Empowerment 

  • Environmental Conservation 

The Eco-Challenge 2023 will work towards a more sustainable society in which anyone can contribute to positive change through the development of innovative solutions that improve our human capital, production processes, and business models.  

For the 2023 edition, YABT, in partnership with PepsiCo Latin American Beverages, will align with PepsiCo Positive’s pillars to support a better future for people and planet through two priority areas: Education and Technology

Education: Helping farmers, producers, and consumers to understand the principles of sustainability, the impact of climate change, and the benefits of regenerative agriculture. Promote social mobility, gender equity and social inclusion. 

Technology: Supporting value chains, from producer to consumer, to improve sustainability, reduce environmental impact and carbon footprints, as well as, to optimize the use of water and recycling of plastics. 

Both Priorities would respond to the following PepsiCo Positive Principles (PEP+):

Positive Agriculture: Focus on regenerative agriculture and rural families and producers.

Positive Value Chain: Focus on circular economy principles and climate change.  

Positive Choices: Empower and build capacity among citizens to take informed decisions that will benefit our society and planet. 

The Eco-Challenge 2023 will work with young innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders to start and grow promising proposals and/or business ideas and lead them towards a development path that includes: Prototype, minimum viable product (MVP), traction and market validation.  

The 2023 edition will be open to business ideas and proposals that are aligned to the three pillars mentioned above, through the following components:


  • Business Model: Including value proposition, team and sustainability model.

  • Market Opportunity: Proving how the business strategy overcomes entry barriers and responds to the needs of the market.

  • Contribution to people and our planet: Highlighting how the initiative will support PepsiCo Positive’s priorities and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s).